Michael Davies, PhD

Prof. Michael Davies was educated at the University of York, UK. He worked at the University of York and subsequently at the Heart Research Institute, Sydney, Australia where he served as Deputy Director, and then Director, before moving to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014 after being awarded a Novo Nordisk Laureate Grant.

He is currently President of the Society for Free Radical Research – International, a past-President of the Australasian society and a previous Vice-President of the International EPR Society. He is Editor-in-Chief of Free Radical Research, an Editor of Biochemical Journal and an Associate Editor of Photochemistry and Photobiology. 

His research is focussed on mechanisms of protein modification by reactive oxidants (e.g. radicals, hypochlorous acid, singlet oxygen, peroxides) and glycation / glycoxidation reactions. His group carry out kinetic and mechanistic studies, as well as examining the biological consequences of such reactions and are involved in the development of methods to quantify and prevent protein damage in disease.